Awesome! Middle Grade Character Studies

Awesome! Middle Grade Character Studies

i was recently operating on a few character research geared towards middle grade. The characters had been *almost* 12 years antique.

I’ve mostly worked on more youthful photo book age characters before, so there was some testing to do. within the photo underneath, you will see my three rounds of sketches for the main character. The caricature on the right become the first one. She seems a touch too vintage – approximately 16. The caricature on the left became my second try. She looks a little too young – about 7 years old. the one on the center turned into my 0.33 strive. She is just proper – *nearly* 12.

Middle Grade Character Studiesmain man or woman at age 7, 12 and 16

Middle Grade Character Studiesessential man or woman, age 7

Middle Grade Character Studiesmain character, age 12

I went thru a totally similar system with the alternative character research. On my first try, they have been a bit too younger – about 7. On the second one attempt, they have been the proper age – *almost* 12.

Middle Grade Character Studieshelping Characters, age 7

Middle Grade Character Studiessupporting Characters, age 12

once the characters had been executed, I moved directly to colour samples. as soon as the characters have been executed, I moved directly to colour samples. once more, i was trying a new element for this age organization, so I tried flat colors with out a texture. I played with Photoshop, and then with Acrylics. i really like how smooth the colors look on my Photoshop check. What do you believe you studied?

Middle Grade Character Studiesprincipal man or woman colored with Photoshop

Middle GradeCharacter Studiesprimary character coloured with Acrylics

subsequent step, trying out exceptional shades for the clothing and skin tones: I suppose I nonetheless just like the green get dressed with the teal sweater model the first-rate. Which one is your favourite?

Middle Grade Character Studiespredominant individual studies of coloration on garb and pores and skin tones

And that, my buddies, changed into my week lengthy middle Grade research. hope you loved it! :)


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